Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Just a few days ago we were on the Isle of Muck; these two signs say much about the island.  The first is unpretentious and needs fixing to its post but what matters is that the food should be good, and it is (the chocolate crunch is recommended).  Their dog is obviously proud:Isle of Muck

If you look closely at this second sign there is even a tongue in cheek hint at modernity, The Green Shed offering a 24×7 service.  How is this achieved – simple, never lock the door and operate an honesty box.  It says much that they not only trust their own but also the visitors; it seems unlikely that the crime rate is high on this or any of the other small islands.Isle of Muck

Of course I am just using this Photo Challenge as an excuse to post pictures from this wonderful small island that we were privileged to see on the very best of days.  I don’t know what I did to deserve this good fortune but it must have been in a previous life; nothing springs to mind from this one:Isle of MuckIsle of Muck

Perhaps I should not have tried black and white, it was such a technicolor day, but then I started Mucking 🙂 about and came up with these; just remember the sky is deep blue, the sands white and the grass a lush green:Isle of MuckIsle of MuckIsle of Muck

(click on images to enlarge).