It has been some journey.  Over two days we flew from Edinburgh to Oslo, caught the sleeper train to Trondheim, swapped onto the daytime Vy.No service to Bodo (complete with line closure and bus detour) and then, this morning, we flew the red-eye island hop into Svolvær. This trip was always going to be as much about the journey as the destination, the railway journey into the Arctic Circle being a highlight. The problem with rail journeys is they provide little opportunity for effective photography – through glass, at speed and with reflections, it is never going to produce good results.

Svolvær, our destination, provides more than adequate compensation. This morning we walked the road bridge to Svinoya and Kjeoya islands – dried fish central. There is a distinctive smell to these small islands – and this is their unlikely destination – Nigeria.

Racks with a view

Dried fish head anyone?

The source of the smell

Fortunately, there is more to the beautiful Svolvaer than dead fish …

Svolvaer Harbour, Lofoten Islands, Norway – colourful and busy.

The view from the bridge

Something fishy going on …

Svolvaer Harbour, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

The view from the small islands

… Svolvaer skyline


  1. jelleybaby · March 4

    Great group of photos, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Sue · March 4

    Oh, wow! Looking forward to more images….

    • northumbrianlight · March 5

      Many thanks Sue – weather has changed so next set will probably be mono.

      • Sue · March 5


  3. ourcrossings · March 4

    Your photos are absolutely stunning! I had no idea Norway could be this beautiful in winter. Train ride into the Arctic Circle pretty much sounds like a bucket list experience. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • northumbrianlight · March 5

      Many thanks for the generous comment – yes, I recommend the train journey north of Trondheim – stunning.

  4. J.D. Riso · March 4

    When most go south this time of year, you go north. Very clever. I can imagine the smell of that fish.

  5. restlessjo · March 5

    The colours are so vivid, Robin! 🙂 🙂

  6. Leya · March 5

    It is a lovely place to go – and in winter you get those clear blue skies and the red and white. Crispness super!

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