This way …

… to rainbow’s end. The photograph is taken from the crossroads at Branch End, south of Hexham. This ordinary ROY G.BIV image is just an excuse to share this uplifting track from Public Service Broadcasting, appropriately called ROYGBIV. Hope it brightens your day :-)

... to rainbow's end

Dr Johnson

Travel theme: Old Fashioned

All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own, and if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.
Dr Johnson: Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

This is the rotund old chap eating cheese in The Cheshire Cheese – Say cheese Sam!

... cheese

(this is detail from a Royal Doulton plate subjected to Photoshop and On1 Perfect Effects)

Sibling affection …

Today was my birthday, yet another in a series which seem to repeat with remarkable frequency. Among the amusing cards these were my favourites – the one on the left from one of my golfing buddies (so he speaks with authority) and the one on the right from my sister:


So now I know exactly what she was thinking – as she correctly points out, maybe it is just as well that eBay had yet to be invented back then.  We love each other really but that was not always the case – as she well knows, as a young teenager, I would have enthusiastically sold her into slavery :-)


I know the exact spot where this photograph was taken and thanks to the power of Google Earth, here it is – the window in the background is highlighted in red:



Crick to Overwater


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This was a different sort of canal trip for us, not an out and back journey, nor a circular cruise, this was from A to B, from Crick in Northamptonshire to the boat’s base at Overwater in Cheshire. Narrowboat Oakmere … Continue reading

In memory of John

Yesterday was a day of frustrations, a day of bureaucracy, pettifogging rules and hollow men too keen to enforce them. None of the incidents are worth repeating, it would simply raise the blood pressure.

Once on the open canal the day turned for the better. The delayed descent at the Watford flight (see above) meant we moored up short of our intended destination, a leafy cutting near Bridge 6 on the Grand Union. This placed us within walking distance of the small, hillside village of Welton. At its centre the weathered stone church stands witness to everyday comings and goings as it has done for centuries.

Overlooking the road, set high on the church wall, this bitter memorial stands as a perpetual accusation, impossible to ignore. Imagine its power when first erected.

... of John Hewitt

This is the way the world ends
Not with bang but a whimper.

T. S. Eliot

Overwhelmed by rules, regulations, manufactured news and disconnected administrations the real injustices of the world go unremarked and unnoticed.

This post dedicated to the lock-keeper with his little black book – the Watford flight, 27th May 2015.

Note to followers/blogs I follow – Internet connectivity intermittent at best for the next few weeks so apologies in advance for being unresponsive.



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In the valley south of Juniper, Devil’s Water runs north east towards Corbridge where it joins the Tyne.  Hall Burn that gently flows down from Dukesfield to join Devil’s Water once turned mighty waterwheels which powered a lead ore smelt mill.  On … Continue reading